Baby Shark
Baby Shark
 Baby Shark
Baby Shark

Amazing! Baby Shark

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Amazing! Baby Shark

high quality direct to garment printing.

Birthday Squad DTG  Our direct to garment printing is of the highest and richest quality available in the market and we use ring-spun combed cotton T-shirts to improve our print quality so that you get years and years to wear your shirt without any fading, cracking or peeling.

Our direct to garment shirts are an upgrade to our traditional photo T-shirts because instead of printing on our industry-standard transfer paper and heat pressing the transfer paper (Picture) onto the T-shirt, we print directly onto your T-shirt which gives us the flexibility to remove the square border from Tshirts that some people want to avoid.

people all over the world benefit from our world-class artists who create elaborate artwork 

Birthday Party T-shirts for your child's birthday! whether your child is turning 1 or 16 we can put together t-shirts to match the theme of the party. We can do any cartoon, musical group, sports figure or event as a theme. simply upload the image you want to use, tell us what you want it to say, and we'll do the rest.

give us all the details of your order in the

"Tell us what you want your shirts to say" section of the order form

Kids' birthday party shirts are the latest greatest sensation at Tshirt Kings you can select any cartoon character sports figure birthday theme and we will customize your T-shirts to match the event. Some of our more popular themes are cartoon characters and cartoon shows such as PJ masks baby sharks LOL surprise paw patrol Spiderman the incredible hawk and then we also do T-shirts for birthday parties with sports figures LeBron James Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Kevin Durant Steph Curry and much more our birthday shirts are made with our direct to garment printing process we remove the background out of artwork create PNG files. Bob printing directly onto the garment of the Tshirt it gives the shirts are nice bright quality that is beautiful for picture taking and it helps create the memory that we all want from the special occasions in our lives birthday parties with Tshirt‘s to go along with these parties makes the party that much better for kids and pictures and memories and all the things that we cherish about our birthdays making them special days and the special occasions that we all love created a 25 Paw Patrol Shirts for a birthday party And the family that we made them for centers messages and told us how much fun everybody has because the shirts brought everybody together I mean it’s already a family then everybody had on matching shirts it creates a bond and we find it Tshirts do that in a lot of examples as to when we’re making memorial T-shirts or we’re making family reunion T-shirts or where the screen printing shirts for a group or an event when everybody has dressed alike in these T-shirts it creates a bond and it creates togetherness.

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We Make EVERY KIND of shirt for any reason or event. Screen Printing, Allover Prints, Vinyl Lettering, Photo Shirts

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ALLOVER PRINTS made by Smed are our specialty. Smed custom allover prints are exclusive at t-shirts. each shirt is hand made and unique. No templates, Scripts or Themes.... each customer order is different.


let us get your group together with custom shirts representing your cause. Lettering or logos.

Super Fast Turn-Around and we off Bulk Discounts

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when someone passes, it's common for the families to get together and wear shirts for  birthdays and days of passing.