About us


Losing a loved one is definitely one of life’s most painful experiences. The sudden loss, combined with the expectation of seeing or communicating with that loved one, can be jarring. The next thing you know, all you have left to hold on to are good thoughts and memories.We here at T-Shirt Kings know this terrible situation well. However, we also know that while loss is hard, keeping those good thoughts and memories close is a wonderful way to respect and honor the one you have lost. We here at T-Shirt Kings encourage this, and our business is helping to make sure the memory of your loved one always lives on.

We do this by providing people around the world the opportunity to create and buy T-shirts to commemorate the life of their loved one. Our online store gives you all the tools you need to customize an RIP T-shirt design, a memorial shirt design, and a picture T-shirt design. Everything you need to build an immortalized symbol of your loved one’s memory can be found here.You also have the option to design the t-shirt yourself, or simply elect us to design it with your input. All of our designing tools and designing options are extremely user-friendly, so no matter what options you decide to use, your T-shirt will be easy to design with all you wish to put on it. You can also upload pictures from your mobile phone to include on your shirt.

T-Shirt Kings is the #1 R.I.P Shirts site in the world. You can trust our professional designers to successfully help you in creating a customized visible memory of your lost loved one. We provide same day service free lettering any font & any color, and discounts for those buy wholesale. Design your loved one’s memory with us today.


The Company was started in 2005 by Todd Smedley in Dayton, Ohio as a part-time Company. Smedley placed ads on the cable company in Ohio and hired 10 experts in digital design. T-Shirt Kings quickly became the most creative company in the field of designing beautiful artwork and putting it on t-shirts by the method of transferring images. Photo T-shirts are used for many purposes including business, events, parties, graduations, wedding, memorials, sporting events, promotions and advertisements.

Our company motto is “do more than what’s expected“, and we take that very seriously. We put our heart and souls into our photo t-shirts. We treat each customer's shirt as if it were ours. Since we make each shirt by hand, no two shirts are alike unless the customer want multiple shirts with the same design. We are absolutely honored to be chosen to handle your special event or purpose, so when we make your R.I.P. shirts or photo t-shirts we will always create a masterpiece.