All-Over Printed T-Shirts


Welcome to the world’s best collection of actual customers showing and wearing their photo t-shirts. We have been creating photo t-shirts since 2005. There are a 2 different ways we create photo t-shirt: Ink jet transfers and sublimation, let’s take a look at each way and you will see examples in our gallery below.

The first example is a transfer. Transfer is a great inexpensive way to put photo on t-shirt. We create the artwork the photo or sometime we add text. We print the image on a special style transfer paper that does not come off the shirt or garment once it’s pressed. Then we transfer into the shirt and you’ll a full color photo on the t-shirt. We can put these on color shirt. It’s best to wash and dry these photo t-shirts inside out.

The second example of photo t-shirts are sublimation shirt. Sublimation is a vapor printing process in which the ink is actually is changed into a vapor and is dyed into 100% polyester. This photo t-shirt can be washed over and over and they will not lose any color. The sublimation photo t-shirts are normally white t-shirts but the artwork can have unlimited colors at no extra charge. Another type of sublimation shirts are the allover printed photo t-shirts. These shirts are completely covered with artwork.

When you submit your photos to have your t-shirt made, the clearer and larger the photo, the better the shirt looks. We specialize in creating beautiful artwork to add to your photo to make your shirt unique.