Stolen The Book Of Ah'Hava Elyon

Stolen The Book Of Ah'Hava Elyon

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An explosive true crime story,

Stolen The Book Of Ah’Hava Elyon is an unlikely saga and an unexpected tale of murder, Biblical curses and redemption. The tragic death of my mother was initially covered up as a suicide and was later discovered to be a homicide.

      This Book tells how my stepfather shot my mother while my sister and I were sleep upstairs in a house we lived in; where multiple people have died. My stepfather stole me by lying in probate court and he also convinced my real father and mother to go along with his deception.  This was done exactly one month before he killed my mother so he could claim me as his own son by changing my name to his name legally. I was named after the man who murdered my mother for 35 years, believing he was my real father.

  There are things that happen in this book that are so outlandish they can't possibly be true except they happened to me. Affairs, Abuse, Lies Murder and what seems to be the wrathful punishment of GOD.

There is no fiction in Stolen, The Book Of Ah’Hava Elyon.

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