Design of the Month

Design of the Month

Today we wanted to bring you one of T-Shirt Kings 247’s favorite creations of the month from our team! T-Shirt King designer, Smed, proclaimed a t-shirt crafted for a young lady in Texas by the name of Veronica Lira to be his favorite design from this past month of October.


As an aspiring model, Veronica wanted to celebrate the spectacular year she’s been having for her upcoming birthday festivities. She also planned to feature her custom tee by T-Shirt Kings in a photo shoot she’d put together around that time as well, so it had to be top-notch work.


She had requested a customized t-shirt featuring photos she had provided. To make sure they got the arrangement of the layout and all aspects of the imaging just right, the T-Shirt Kings crew held meetings with Miss Lira over FaceT
ime while constructing her design to get her input and to make sure she was satisfied with the all the details.

Design of the month


The final product was a cool, clean design on a classic, black t-shirt. “My favorite part about the whole job was Veronica sending me the pictures from the photo shoot and telling us she loved her shirt,” Smed remarked.


T-Shirt Kings is always happy to take on passion projects like this one to give your special occasion that extra edge. Check back at the end of every month to see our next favorites!

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