Custom Birthday Party T-Shirts Are Amazing

Custom Birthday Party T-Shirts Are Amazing

Custom Birthday Party T-shirt from T-shirt Kings will put the icing on the cake at your party. Whether you are throwing a party for a 1-year-old or an 8-year-old, 10-year-old and on and on up the list for kids parties. If you are throwing a party for an adult 50 years old with a16 years old a person whose 100 matching T-shirts at the party will give the party, The family unity and decoration it deserves for a special event that will create memories that will last.

When we decorate and design parties for kids we allow the customer to select from a list of party themes which include the following:

  • sports figures
  • cartoons popular
  • TV shows
  • musicians,

so on and so forth. It does not matter which cartoon, musician, sports figure, that the customer selects we will find the pictures and or illustrations and customize artwork for that party theme.

We allow the users to be a part of the process as much as they would like to when we customize the party theme for the particular person who is having the birthday party. We customize the name and age and also insert pictures of the person who’s birthday it is to make the design of the shirt the ultimate customization possible for a T-shirt. 

We also specialize in what is known as squad shirt themes or another name they are known by our who is who Tshirts. With the who is who T-shirts each shirt is customized for the person who is wearing the shirt. For example:

  • one shirt may say the birthday boy, another shirt may say
  • the mother of the birthday boy, another shirt may say
  • the father of the birthday boy, another shirt may say
  • a cousin of the birthday boy another shirt may say
  • The best friend of the birthday boy,

each person wearing that shirt will tell the relationship they have with the person who’s birthday it is. These birthday shirts make memories of a lifetime and make birthday party pictures go to the highest level of fun.

You may ask why are T-Shirt King birthday shirts better than the next person who may be making birthday shirts for children and kid parties? That is a great question. What separates Tshirt Kings’s birthday party shirts from any other place is our creativity our attention to detail and our printing process.

We have professional artists and digital designers who make beautiful artwork. other companies that we have noticed let customers create their own shirts. We understand how fun it can be for someone to try to create a design for themselves and actually wear those shirts. We do not rob our customers of the fun experience of being a part of the process of making shirts, but we don’t ask a customer to physically go in there and design their own shirts when they have absolutely no experience doing these things. We believe that digital design artist with years and years of experience of creating beautiful artwork should be in charge of making your t-shirts for your special event. That way they come out the best that they could possibly be. We let you describe your idea to us and we bring it to life in a professional way far better than someone who has never done digital design could possibly do. We want you to have professionally made shirts from the beginning to the end creating beautiful artwork according to your ideas as well as printing with the highest quality printers in the industry.

Our birthday party shirts are printed in a couple of different ways: The most common way we print birthday party T-shirts for kids is direct to garment printing where we print on the T-shirt directly from the printer. we print at the highest possible quality

Another way of printing T-shirts that we use a lot of the time is vinyl lettering

and numbers and logos on T-shirts are a very popular item that makes a lot of shirts. Shine and Bling are our Siser Glitter Vinyl which adds a Bling effect to all of the letterings that are on the T-shirts. If a young lady is having a unicorn party or a mermaid party and we are applying a who is whom unicorn theme, the young lady and her friends will have pink glitter on their shirts for the name, of who they are to the birthday girl in vinyl Glitter Lettering.

Another style of birthday Tshirts is our dye sublimation T-shirts which are printed on 100% polyester white T-shirts in which we dye The artwork into the fabric of the T-shirts. These T-shirts last forever

 Our T-shirts have an extremely long-lasting life in which the ink in our T-shirts has been known to uphold more than 100 washing cycles.

Our birthday party shirts are available to everyone all over the country on our website which you can go pick the theme that you like to send us your pictures and tell us what you want your shirts to say. We create the artwork and we send it back to the customer for their approval once they have approved of the designs then we print the T-shirts and ship them to our customers.

People who are close to our retail location in Dayton, Ohio can easily visit our store to come in and place their order and we will create their artwork, let them approve and print their shirts and they will be able to pick them up once the order has been completed.

our normal turnaround time for birthday shirts is a week or less. We normally ask for a week or two to turn around orders but if you need something made in a hurry we can usually get the job done. We also have other custom products to go along with our T-shirts such as Buttons to match and banners and party invitations.

We invite all people to order birthday party shirts to make your birthday party experience one that you will remember for the rest of your life. When you share your pictures from the party on social media everyone can see how much fun you guys had at this wonderful party. Please let the world know that you got your shirts from Tshirt Kings.


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