Black Friday Specials - $25 off All-Over Printed T-Shirts and $19.99 Hoodies

Black Friday Specials - $25 off All-Over Printed T-Shirts and $19.99 Hoodies

Every year on Black Friday, hoards of crazed shoppers will be hitting up the big box retailers to fight over flat screen TVs and other generic gifts. Instead of dueling with other consumers to put more money into corporations’ pockets, make a better decision. Shop small business and find gifts tailor-made for you.

At T-Shirt Kings, we’re running our own Black Friday specials. All of our All-Over Printed T-Shirts are $25 off. That means you can have a custom-made, one-of-a-kind gift you’ll never find in a retail store -- for a great price.

In addition, all of our one-photo hoodies are just $19.99 on Black Friday. Choose from our unique designs that highlight real photos of your loved ones. The custom made hoodies are a touching gift for anyone on your list.

Order online today:

$25 off All Over Printed T-Shirts

$19.99 Custom Photo Hoodies


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    Wanted some T-shirt’s made for me and 3 kids for Memorial Day when should I drop off pictures and put my order in

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