Photo T-shirts Instead of Suits at Funerals

Photo T-shirts Instead of Suits at Funerals

There is a growing trend of wearing memorial photo T-shirts to funerals. Years ago people were often honor the people who passed away by looking professional or as nice as possible when attending their funeral.This meant going to the store and picking out an expensive suit, or an expensive dress and the understanding was this was the way you pay respect to somebody who passed away by looking nice coming to the funeral service.

In the last 10 years there is a growing trend of honoring the person who passed away by wearing a photo T-shirt with a personalized message such as: Rest In Peace, Always in my heart, gone but never forgotten it, you live through me, you will be missed and much more and many more sayings like this.

A few advantages of wearing memorial T-shirts to funerals instead of wearing a suit is the cost of Photo T-shirts. From R.I️.P Shirts cost $15 That includes the shirt, the design and anything you would like the shirt to say as opposed to going to a funeral and buying a suit which normally cost at least $100 you could almost have an entire family of 10 people wear a photo T-shirts for the cost of one suit.

Another advantage of wearing photo Tshirts in comparison to buying suits is the ability to unite a family with a common bond or common thread of everyone wearing the exact same thing. we Get beautiful pictures of families that order 50 to 100 Memorial T-shirts and they take pictures after the funeral of everybody honoring their love ones the same way and it brings the family together and make everyone feel better because we the family is clearly together on a united front by wearing the shirts to honor their loved one.

Photo T-shirts are an excellent way to show support for a love one that you lost. The customizing, the creativity the way that you can be artistic in your approach with: cloud backgrounds, doves, angel wings and all the other different elements that make a beautiful rest in peace shirt. It’s a wonderful way to express your love and feelings for your love one that passed. As time goes on and the technology and the ideas and creativity that actually go into making rest in peace Shirts becomes better and better we will see a clear shift in consciousness to wearing memorial Tshirts as the only way to do attend a memorial service.

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