Custom Sweatshirts Now Available at T-Shirt Kings 247!

T-Shirt Kings 247 is proud to introduce our new sweatshirts with all the same customizable options as we offer for our tees.



Since 2005, the team at T-Shirt King has dedicated themselves to providing the community with customized t-shirts memorializing loved ones who have passed on. Now you’ll have the choice of a hoodie too.


With Fall officially in full swing, and Winter not far off, maybe you’d like to create your custom design on a sweatshirt because you’re looking for a warmer option. Maybe you feel like a sweatshirt would be more fitting for your loved one rather than one of our traditional t-shirts.


Whatever the reason, T-Shirt King’s hoodies carry the same promise to honor and celebrate the memory of your loved one just as our t-shirts have done for many years.


At T-Shirt Kings, we want people to be able to express themselves in a way that feels personal. We respect our customers' experiences, and that’s why we treat each order with the utmost care. Most importantly, we know how important it is to give people a way to honor friends and family that does service to their memory. That’s why T-Shirt Kings lets our customers pick and chose all the specifics of their t-shirts and sweatshirts. From the photos to the message, you design every aspect of the piece in a way that you feel respectfully and lovingly commemorates your loved one.


Our new hoodies come in the same styles as the Regular Photo Tees. Simply design your garment as you normally would, and then be sure to select Hoodies under the options for Type.


In your time of need, T-Shirt King will be there to help you pay tribute to your loved ones and honor their life. Not only that, we’re also at your service anytime you want to celebrate anything from your business to your school team to academic achievements. Our work can even serve as an advertisement or promotional material.


Let us help you honor your loved ones and commemorate special occasions with a sweatshirt (or a traditional tee) that will last you a lifetime.


If you have questions about a custom order, contact us here or give us a call at 937-603-4494!